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Camp War Comes!

Dec 09,2015

Play Camp War to win various materials.

Duration: Dec.11th to Dec.16th 

              Dec.11th to Dec.15th, play Camp War and win points;
              Dec.16th, claim total rank rewards!

Condition: Above Lvl.40 

a. Every player has to choose a camp "Angel" or "Demon" after entering the event. System will control the difference of player numbers at two camps.
b. After entering the event, all players can take part in the daily event in game to earn contribution point for their own camp.
c. Camp War lasts for 5 days. Players can get ranking rewards only when they get 30,000 points or more at the completion of the event.
c. At the end of event, the camp which owns more contribution points will win and obtain the better rewards. 
d. Players ranking tops can get abundant rewards. 
e. Defeating rivals in Battle Shrine and Plunder Cargoes can get extra bonus. Check event explanations for detailed reward information.


Points Details

Event Score
Recharge 100 Gold 200
Join World Boss Once 400
Join Cross Server Arena  Once 300
Finish City Defense Once 300
Complete Holy Throne Once
Finish Job Once 50
Transport Cargo Once 200
Plunder Cargo Once 150
Kill Orange Hell Portal Minion Once 100
Join Alliance Boss Once 400
Finish Alliance Task Once 50
Join Team Dungeon Once 350
Clear Hell Once 50
Fish Once 50
Challenge Battle Shrine Once
Challenge Maze Once
Join Beast Melee Once
Capture Servant Once
Join Expedition Once
Defeat Rival in BS Once 50
Plunder Cargo of Rival Once 150
Kill Red Hell Portal Minion Once 200

Individual Ranking Reward

1 Supreme Tresure Chest*30 Jewel Pack*50 Melee Badge*110 50,000 Wisdom Card*22
2~3 Supreme Tresure Chest*25 Jewel Pack*40 Melee Badge*80
50,000 Wisdom Card*16
4~10 Topaz Tresure Chest*20 Jewel Pack*30 Melee Badge*60
50,000 Wisdom Card*12
11~20 Topaz Tresure Chest*15 Jewel Pack*20 Melee Badge*50
50,000 Wisdom Card*10
20~ Topaz Tresure Chest*5 Jewel Pack*10 Melee Badge*40
50,000 Wisdom Card*8

Supreme Treasure Chest: Open to randomly get a supreme item.(Top Mount EXP Potion,Moirai shard,Odin Shard,Artifact Crystal,Supreme Runestone Pack,God Erlang Shard)

Topaz Treasure Chest: Open to randomly get a legendary item.(Super Mount EXP Potion,Legendary Runestone Pack,All Element Pack) and little chance to get a supreme item.(Artifact Crystal,Supreme Runestone Pack,Moirai shard)

Camp Reward

Winning Camp

Talbuk Ram Shard*10 All Element Pack*5 Spirit Vigour*50 Inheritance Orb*5

Losing Camp

Talbulk Ram Shard*5 All Element Pack*3 Spirit Vigour*30 Inheritance Orb*3

Individual Contribution Point Reward

5000 Talbuk Ram Shard*3 Seal Stone*10 Int Pot*15 / /
10000 Talbuk Ram Shard*4 Seal Stone*20 Int Pot*20 / /
20000 Talbuk Ram Shard*5 Seal Stone*30 Int Pot*25 / /
30000 50,000 Wisdom*4 Seal Stone*40 Int Pot*30 Talbuk Ram Shard*8 /
40000 100,000 Wisdom*3 Seal Stone*50 Int Pot*35 Talbuk Ram Shard*10 /
50000 100,000 Wisdom*4 Seal Stone*60 Int Pot*40 Talbuk Ram Shard*12 /
62000 Xmas Badge*5 100,000 Wisdom*6 Seal Crystal*100 Int Pot*50 Strengthening Stone*50
74000 Xmas Badge*10 100,000 Wisdom*8 Seal Crystal*150 Int Pot*60   Strengthening Stone*60


Xmas Badge*15 100,000 Wisdom*10 Seal Crystal*200 Int Pot*70 Strengthening Stone*70
100000 Xmas Badge*20 100,000 Wisdom*12 Seal Crystal*200 Int Pot*90 Strengthening Stone*90