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Get Hero Pumpking in Brewfest!

Dec 04,2015

Feast and Wine, Joy and Rewards! Enjoy the BrewFest! Win Supreme Hero Pumpking and many other resources from Brewfest!  

Duration: Dec.6th to Dec.11th

Drinking: Dec.6th to Dec.10th

Claim total rewards: Dec.11th

Condition: For players of Lvl.20 and above.

1.Daily material pack will be given away at 12:00 and 18:00. The higher Brewmaster level, the more materials you get.
2.Players can brew alcoholic beverage with materials of different qualities. The higher quality, the better you brew.
3.1%-3% Fatigue is along with each brewing process. 1 material with Fatigue of 49%. 2 materials with Fatigue of 50%-99%. 3 materials with Fatigue of 100%.
4.Chances of getting double or triple points.
5.Only brew of lvl.3 and above can be released for points.
6.Brew of Lvl.20 and above will be placed automatically into the party for all players to enjoy at 12:00, 18:00 and 22:00(server time). Random items will be awarded as drinking rewards.
7.Each party lasts for 1 hour. Brew drinking is available once every 5 minutes.
8.After brew being enjoyed, the brewer can get popularity to raise Brewmaster level.
9.Players who obtain cumulative points on less than 80 can get ranked in the daily rank and claim rewards.Players who obtain cumulative points no less than 1600 can get ranked in the overall rank and claim rewards.(Please note that information in event rule has not been updated correctly.)
10. Rewards can be claimed 1 hour after the brewing
11. Players can exchange rare items of a limit quantity with points in Brew Shop.
12.Players can spend 30 gold and click Auto Drink to enjoy the drink instead of clicking once every 5 minutes. Max total brew and drink times is 12 times.
13.Server's Party: reward of manual and auto drinking will be saved in temporary bag.
14.Server's Party: players can pay for auto drink without waiting for long.


Special Hero Skill, 40% chance to activate each turn, deals 58 damage to all enemies (ignoring defense), decreases DEF of enemies (based on caster's ATK), recovers HP for own party members, causes Bleeding (HP drop by 20% of remaining HP) of opponent party, lasts for 3 turns, grants 2 Rage.


Drinking Rewards

Strenthening Stone

Taboo Element*500

Energy Vigor

Spirit Vigor

Aura Vigor

Mask Essence

Strengthening Stone



Daily Ranking Rewards


Artifact Crystral*3

Rare Materials*20
Cards of Wisdom*20
Meele Badge*50

Artifact Crystral*2
Rare Materials*15
Cards of Wisdom*18
Meele Badge*40
Artifact Crystral*1
Rare Materials*10
Cards of Wisdom*16
Meele Badge*35

Overall Ranking Rewards


Pumpking *1

Melee Badge*500
Seal Stone*500
Seal Crystal*200
Fate Runes*200
Taboo Pill*100


Pumpking *1
Melee Badge*400
Seal Stone*400
Seal Crystal*180
Fate Runes*180
Taboo Pill*80


Pumpking *1

Melee Badge*300
Seal Stone*350
Seal Crystal*150
Fate Runes*150
Taboo Pill*50


Pumpking Shard*60

Melee Badge*200

Seal Stone*300
Fate Runes*120
Taboo Pill*40


Pumpking Shard*50

Melee Badge*150
Fate Runes*90
Seal Stone*150

Pumpking Shard*40
Fate Runes*50
Seal Stone*200