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Play Monopoly to Win Kumiho

Apr 17,2015

Every day, each player can collect so much item resource in game, but which player has the ability to collect the most resource within the limited time? Monopoly, is such an event that rewards the expert in collecting resources in game!The winner will take home the Beast Kumiho! Let’s wait and see who will rank the first in Monopoly!

Duration: Apr.19~Apr.23
Description: Collect resources to win the beast!

Deals damage to all enemies, decreases 12% of Agi, 12% of Crit and 12% of Dodge of enemies, lasts for 3 turns, recovers 36 energy.

1.Click Monopoly icon at the game window to open Monopoly menu!

2.Players gain certain points by collecting required resources during the event, i.e. Silver, Wisdom, EXP, INT Potion, Stardust, Prestige, Gem, Equipment Chest and so on.

3.The grand prize will be issued at the conclusion of the event. Each day, point leaders can collect the related reward for yesterday’s ranking.