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Arctic Wolf in Lucky Strike

Mar 26,2015

Lucky Strike will start on March 28th. Spin the Lucky Strike to win large amounts of Silver, Wisdom, Gem, and even Arctic Wolf and Valen. Wings pack!
Event duration: March 28th to 31st.
Note: You can get rank reward from 0:00 to 23:59 on April 1st.
Server: All servers
Description: Spin the Lucky Strike for a chance to win special mount and wings.

There are two wheels, the Lucky Strike and the VIP Wheel.

1.Spinning the Lucky Strike costs 1 Lucky Voucher per time.

2.Spinning the VIP Wheel costs 10 Lucky Vouchers per time. 

   Only VIP3 players and above may use the VIP Wheel. 

3.You can spend Lucky Card to purchase special items in Shop of Luck.

4. The remaining Lucky Vouchers can be used in future Luck Strike events.

Lucky strike

Ranking Rewards: 

1. Daily Top 5 wheel spinner who have used at least 80 vouchers will get extra rewards.

 Daily Ranking

Used at least 80 vouchers Daily
                      Used at least 120 vouchers Daily


Lvl.3 Gem Bag x 1
Wisdom x 80,000 Lucky card x 20


Lvl.2 Gem Bag x 2 
Wisdom x 60,000 Lucky card x 15


Lvl.2 Gem Bag x 2
Wisdom x 50,000 Lucky card x 10


Lvl.2 Gem Bag x 1
Wisdom x 40,000 Lucky card x 8


Lvl.2 Gem Bag x 1
Wisdom x 30,000 Lucky card x 6

2. At the end of the event, the Top 5 wheel spinner who have used at least 200 Lucky Vouchers will have a chance to get extra rewards, Arctic Wolf Shards and Valen. Wings pack! 


Accumulatively used at least 200 vouchers
 Accumulatively used at least 260 vouchers


Luck Badge × 1
     Arctic Wolf Shard x 15
Valen. Wings pack ×1


Luck Badge × 1
Arctic Wolf Shard x 10
Valen. Wings pack ×1


Luck Badge × 1
 Lvl.5 Gem Bag x 1
Valen. Wings pack ×1


Lvl.3 Gem Bag x 2
Wisdom x 80,000
Lvl.1 Orange Star Stone Bag x 2


Lvl.3 Gem Bag x 1 Wisdom x 60,000
Lvl.1 Orange Star Stone Bag x 1

Note: Luck Badge can be used to exchange special items at Event menu.

About Arctic Wolf:

2. Lucky Card shop

Goods Cost
Lucky Chest Lucky card x 10
Astral Tiger Shard
Lucky card x 12
Mount Orb
Lucky card x 3
Lucky Orb
Lucky card x 3
Superior Chest of Skill Tomes Lucky card x 100
Lucky Box
Lucky card x 30
Lucky Badge
Lucky card x 100
Lvl.3 Gem Bag
Lucky card x 24
Lvl.4 Gem Bag
Lucky card x 70
Lvl.5 Gem Bag
Lucky card x 200
Lvl.6 Gem Bag
Lucky card x 500
Cards of Wisdom
Lucky card x 10
Inheritance Orb
Lucky card x 10
INT Potion
Lucky card x 1
Ice Crystal
Lucky card x 16
Legendary Reputation Pack
Lucky Card × 2