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Grand Roulette will come again!

Oct 14,2014

Grand Roulette, the another  exquisitely prepared hot event in Knight's Fable. It will come on October 15th! 


1. The Grand Roulette consists of 2 types of roulettes, the Common Roulette and the Superior Roulette. To spin the Common Roulette or Superior Roulette, you need a Common Roulette Voucher or a Superior Roulette Voucher to unlock the roulette respectively.
2. Each type of roulette has 1 super reward, which is picked from the super reward list randomly. But you can also refresh in the super reward list to make your desired one appear on the roulette.
3. You can obtain 1 Common Roulette Voucher each day during event by logging in. For Superior Roulette, you can obtain and only obtain 1 Superior Roulette Voucher each day during event by recharging 2000 gold or more.
4. You can have one free attempt for each unlocking.You can also use gold to draw more times.
5. After you get the super reward or at 24:00 every day, all rewards on the roulette will reset.The roulette will be locked again. You can use vouchers to unlock them and continue trying for super rewards. 

Common rewards:

Common Roulette
Superior Roulette
Wisdom x 50,000 Glory x 10,000
INT Potion Box
INT Potion Box  x 5
Gold x 100 Wisdom x 200,000
Lvl.1 Purple Star Stone Bag
Lvl.4 Gem Bag
Lvl.3 Gem Bag
Variation Dust Pack x 50
Stardust Pill x 200
Gold x 500
Gold  Gold x 400

Grand reward:

Common Roulette  
 Superior Roulette
Lvl.1 Orange Star Stone Bag
Jester cat
Hang ten pack (clothes) Lvl. 5 Gem bag x 2
Variation Dust Pack x 50
Lvl.4 Orange Star Stone Bag
wings of prayer Wisdom x 2,000,000
Beast Stone Bag (Grand) 
Hang ten pack (weapon)
Lvl.4 Gem bag Beast Stone Bag (Super)